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MARATHON DES SABLES partner: Holmarcom launches trophy for most promising Moroccan 


v2016-Logo-HolmarcomThe Holmarcom Group has joined the exclusive circle of MARATHON DES SABLES partners.

To give more meaning to its partnership with the event, and taking a long-term approach, Holmarcom has decided to encourage Moroccan runners to take part in the marathon.
Of the 1,097 competitors at this year’s event, only 9 were from the country, some of them coached by the Moroccan champion, Mohamad Ahansal. A regretfully low turnout that the event’s organizers would like to see increase, particularly given Moroccan athletes’ known potential for endurance sports.

For us too, we see development as a long-term race that requires finding the right pace, managing your speed and keeping your sights on the goal… That’s why we’re a perfect match for MARATHON DES SABLES,” said Holmarcom Group’s chairman, Mohamed Hassan Bensalah. “We have a lot of respect for this event, which puts forward a positive image of our country and has established itself as a frontline international competition,” he added.

Halmarcom Group is also keen to play its part in nurturing a new generation of Moroccan champions by creating a “MARATHON DES SABLES most promising Moroccan” trophy. According to the group’s directors, the prize will meet the cost of the winner’s equipment and registration for next year’s event. He or she will also have the opportunity to coach the Holmarcom Group team, which is due to take part in the 30th anniversary MARATHON DES SABLES in 2015.




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